PENELOPE J. CORFIELD has always been fascinated by the multiple overlaps between past and present, as she explains in her book The Georgians: The Deeds & Misdeeds of Eighteenth-Century Britain (Yale University Press, London, 2022).

So whilst writing, she was simultaneously looking for evidence from that era of history which survives outside the archive. Not just well-known Georgian houses and gardens, impressive as many are. But also ‘witness’ evidence in songs, poems, plays, novels, art, statues, monuments, battlefields, street scenes, and so on.
This website is the result.

Penelope Corfield, who lives in London and made her academic career in London University, enjoys exploring both cities and countryside, and searching for historical evidence both written and unwritten. For further information about her life, career and writings, see

Penelope Corfield, author of ‘The Georgians: The Deeds & Misdeeds of Eighteenth-Century Britain’ (Yale University Press, 2022).
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